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Conflicting Crystals

Conflicting Crystals
I get quite a few questions in regards to conflicting crystals. Questions like “Can I keep crystals together?” “Can I use Crystal X with Crystal Y?” So simply put, Yes, you of course can keep your crystals together… It just comes with a little *.

We speak of crystals along with their metaphysical & healing properties & so just as anything else, we have energies that may either compliment or repel energies off each other. Does that mean you can’t use them together?
Absolutely not! It all comes down to intentions really…

The easiest way to explain this is if you have an energy booster crystal with a energy calming crystal. For Example: Red Jasper will without a doubt increase Blue Lace Agate energy. You see… Red Jasper is a very energy boosting crystal so when you combine it with Blue Lace Agate (which is known to be a calmer crystal), it will boost the calming energy. So what intention are you putting out into the universe? Do you want boosting energy or calming energy?

Let’s take the Chakras as another example.
Crystals are often used in Chakra healing or balancing & the different colors is how we can match certain crystals to certain chakras. We use complimentary colors to boost our chakras as well as we use supplementary to calm them. What chakra are you working with & how do you want to infuse it with the intent you have for the crystals you chose?

So where can you place your crystals?... wherever you like!
Here's just a few tips:

Bedroom: Try not to have over stimulating crystals in your bedroom as it may disrupt sleep. Have instead crystals that promote calmness or serenity like Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Black Tourmaline
Living Room: Cleansers are the best crystals such as selenite. Others that work great are Sodalite or Amazonite to bring in some good conversations.
Kitchen: Anything that promotes imagination & creativity like Carnelian or Citrine.

I must put in a disclaimer at this point. I started out this post with a little * when talking about combining crystals. I think it is important to bring in the safety aspect. Is the crystal dangerous if you drop it? Can it go in water? Will it lighten if I leave it in the sun? Does it contain any poisonous properties? 
For example... You probably wont want to have a large celestite piece on a headboard/over your head while you sleep as even though it is a calming crystal... if you drop it, it could injure you. You probably shouldn't have towers close by either... Common sense I hope! ;)

Exposure to...
Sunlight: Same thing goes for crystals being exposed to sunlight. Clear Quartz CAN cause fires so probabaly dont have that anywhere near a window... But other crystals include Amethyst, Kunzite, Fluorite, Rose Quartz... Aquamarine, Aventurines... These among many more do fade in color if exposed to sunlight too long.

Water: Ive taken this up quite often. A good rule of thumb is most crystals ending with -ITE shouldnt be bathed in water so crystals include Celestite, Phosphosiderite, iolite, hemmimorphite, sodalite, malachite... I think you got the idea.
Always... AND I MEAN IT... Always do your own research!

A Last Note on Intention
I always believe that you can have all the crystals you want.
They can live together or apart in different rooms, many jewelry pieces or just one each time…You can have EXTRA LARGE ones or whatever the situation may be… just as long as they have the right intentions.

You do not have to have a full cave of wonders...
(Though I personally am a fan of
my precious...precious...over the top...crystal collection),
you can carry as many or as little as you need for whatever purpose you are wanting to work towards.
I hope this is a little more clear as to how to combine your crystals and/or where you have them in your sacred space.

With Kindness,
What to know more specific crystal combos?
Let me know on Instagram @akindcrystal &
I will be sure to update with a new KindTribe post soon!