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About AKindCrystal

Welcome to AKindCrystal, Who am I?

So this is a huge step for me & I hope all who find this little kindness corner find something to come back to every day!

So Who am I then?

Hi, My Name is Jasmine. I live in the outskirts of Stockholm, Sweden but grew up abroad most of my childhood so I love being able to experience new things & learn new perspectives. 

I am a Virgo Rising and I embody it to the fullest. Sensitive, overly purposeful and cannot stop being productive. Most of my life both personally and professionally, I work hard and put my heart and soul into everything thing I do. But, alas, I never got recognition for I was working for and so, that is where Tarot and Crystals just crept into my life. Tarot comforted me and Crystals grounded me. They were my two best friends and the more i dove into their messages, the more I found who I wanted to be.

Why "A Kind Crystal"?

AKindCrystal was a re-occurring dream I had when crystals were helping me through some tough times & the words “Kind Crystal” kept repeating in my head every morning since. I always had a kind crystal helping me and so A Kind Crystal was born.

My mission with AKindCrystal is to be able to match A KIND CRYSTAL with whoever is seeking a friend, a comfort, or just a symbol of kindness that can be as big or small, as round or free as the shape of the crystals in my shop.

Sourcing & Sustainability

All inventory at AKindCrystal are selected from suppliers based in the EU, Brazil as well as Swedish Suppliers, all who have personally visited mines or have personal relationships with manufacturers/miners that they source from.

My suppliers make sure operations are regulated and as safe as possible for miners & I in turn make sure to continuously research and improve relationships with them.

AKindCrystal uses widely recycled packaging down to the tape & stickers. Any bubble wrap or plastic are pre-loved recyclables from orders we receive so nothing is wasted. Our packing Peanuts are biodegradable so just run them under water & they disappear with no harm to our environment.

A few crystals may be sent with re-usable linen organza bags. I do this with the hope to encourage you to re-use as much of the packaging as you can!

Information Disclaimer

The information presented at AKindCrystal are not a substitute for professional medical nor psychological advice & care.

Customers who consume information from AKindCrystal should consult a physician or seek medical advice from a professional for matters that may require diagnosis or medical attention. The information presented are not intended to be used to treat, cure, prevent nor diagnose disease.

The Metaphysical properties presented at AKindCrystal are intuitively derived and therefore not scientific based. The intent of information presented is to give customers the possibility to navigate the different items sold. AKindCrystal assumes no responsibility for actions taken with the use of the information on this website.

Please also note that images may appear to vary slightly in color & size due to the device it is being viewed on, lighting, or photographic equipment used. I give weight, measurements where possible.