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Crystal Information Guide

Crystals Disclaimer

Please remember that healing crystal meanings are supports of the spirit to healing and are not to be taken as prescriptions or medical healthcare. Contact a medical professional if you have any inquires.

What are crystals? 

AKindCrystal offers crystals that are minerals from Mother Earth. These minerals are formed underground and the appearance of them depends on the type and condition in which it grows. Many crystals develop over thousands and thousands of years which makes them so unique!

What are the characteristics of each individual stone/crystal?

Different crystals have different energetic properties. There are various resources to find out which crystal has which characteristic. At AKindCrystal, I list easily to understand interpretations of the crystals I carry in the shop for light guidance.

When it comes to the characteristics of each crystal, anyone can interpret them with a little intuition and practice! You can take into consideration it's form, color, shape and even numerology of facets.

How do I choose a crystal?

When choosing crystals, especially online, I do believe that you'd need to consider what appeals best to you. Exact properties of each stone is not necessary but can be of help! On the other hand, there may be many beautiful crystals and none that compel you to buy and that is just as important because it may just not be the right fit.

I started AKindCrystal as crystals helped me in my personal development and I want to share that journey with others. I was completely sceptical and lost in knowing what exactly I needed. But just because my conscious self was not helpful in choosing my crystals, I was able to intuitively guide crystals that I needed into my space a little at a time.

With that said, I do believe that crystals choose their guardian rather than the other way around. so the easiest approach I found to starting with crystals is to just quiet the mind and do what you feel is right for you at that moment in time. 

A Broken Crystal or Loss of a Crystal

I believe that when a crystal has chipped or breaks, the crystal has taken a hit for you based off the needs of that crystal in your life. The power of the crystal does not lessen just because it broke but can and will continue to serve it's purpose as long as you need it. If a crystal suddenly disappears, I find that the crystal has done what it needed to do and no longer serves you. Give it thanks and allow the loss to pass!

With Kindness, Jasmine