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AKC Gua Sha 101

What is gua sha?

The Gua Sha is translated from Chinese to gua "to scrape" and sha "petechiae" (the tiny, spots on the skin". It is a tool used in traditional Chinese Medicine and has been used for over 4,000 years.

The technique is said to stimulate lymphatic drainage, invigorate blood flow and release heat-toxins. It is a physical act of pressuring the skin to get rid of the unwanted underneath the skin.

So Why use a Gua Sha?

It is said that the technique of using a gua sha can help in circulation, tensions, collagen production, inflammation as well as lymphatic drainage just to mention a few effects. With that said, it is extremely important to point out that AKindCrystal is not responsible for any medical advice and strongly recommend to reach out to your physician if you have any illness or issues with your mental or physical health. 

There is little risk to using a gua sha but you may get soreness, discoloration of the skin and if you are pressuring hard enough, bruising. This means that either your skin is dehydrated and or you are pressuring the skin too hard. Please use the proper techniques from a qualified practitioner to avoid any other side effects.

What can I use with my Gua Sha?

It has been widely recommended to use an oil however, I personally recommend serums that can be stimulated into the skin and should be something that will not tug or dry quickly on the skin. Try not ti use product that has too much fragrance or too many heavy ingredients. 

The Forms of Gua Sha:

There are many different forms and sizes to the gua sha. Ultimately it is up to you which to work in reference to the crystal form however, the gua sha should be thin, flat with curved edges that are blunt.

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