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Collection: The Dragon

Properties of Dragons:
Dragons are known for their courage, passion, their confidence as well as their passion & protective properties. It is known as an animal of spiritual and magical being - bearing the power of truth, wisdom and honor.

A part of History:
Dragons have become very trendy especially with Game of Thrones but they are ancient animals that were very well known across cultures & religions. For example, the Viking longships often had a a dragon head as it was to protect from sea monsters as well as bad weather.

What they bring to you:
 know to protect boundaries and are one to remind us to do the same. Dragon heads are the perfect companion if you are going through any changes as they encourage perseverance where needed.

Why a Skull?
Typically, dragon bone is used especially in stress and calming of the mind and therefore with this in mind, you will find many dragon skull carvings over realistic dragon carvings to represent dragon bone. They are elemental in nature and connect with nature in general. They are said to heal and balance energies of the natural landscape and work well in any space.

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