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TQCC Release Information


As Sydonie has been releasing product left & right also means, I have a lot to fill you in on so its getting its own dedicated information page! Ill keep updating this page with all your quirky questions that I get directly from Sydonie over at The Quirky Cup Collective & from the shipping companies / customs department.


AKC is based in Stockholm, Sweden & has SEK (Swedish Crowns) as our base price but you can shop in €Euro as well. Just remember that you will only ever be charged in your local currency.

As TQCC is in Australia and AKC is in Sweden, I do my absolute best to keep the prices as low as possible yet also to cover all hidden costs that come with bringing the items into the EU.


Please understand that AKC is a very small business & as an official stockist, I make sure to take in TQCCs full assortment but this also comes with a huge BUT.. & that is that stock is extremely limited & therefore I cannot guarantee that they will not sell out & will not come back quickly, if at all.

Start of March 2024:
Otherworldly Collection: Journal, Kindle, Accessories
Slut for Smut Collection: Kindle Sleeves
Other: Sleeves in Iridescence, Wonderland, Kindle: Wonderland 
Small Release: Enamel Pins, Stickers, Pens

Waiting on information:
RED Reading Journal & Accessories


-The stock will disappear that morning from the website and won't be available to view on the page until the items hit 10am CET. They are scheduled for that exact time to go live.

- Please don't rely on the restock notifications to remind you of the release. They can be slow to rollout and have glitched in the past. The timer on Instagram & the email newsletter is the best way to be reminded and notified.  


Currently AKC has a processing time of 4-6 working days after a placed order. I work in chronological order & leave booked packages atleast twice per week: mainly on Tuesdays & Thursdays. 

I am only one person doing everything from customer service, stock management, logistics, SocMed as well as packing and sending off orders. Please keep this in mind that I do my absolute best to pack orders as quickly as I can despite my fulltime dayjob that takes up alot of my weekdays.


Please be mindful of what you are ordering when you place your order. I cannot change or update orders once they are placed & can only cancel them. I cannot combine orders so place make sure that you are putting everything you want into one.

I cannot add discount codes to orders after they are placed so if you have a discount code, please enter it mindfully.

If you need to change the shipping address for your order, please email with both your order number and the updated address in your first email to us. If your order has begun processing I will be unable to change your address and you will have to file a change of address with the shipping carrier. Please know that if you do enter an incorrect address and it is too late to change, we are not liable if your parcel does not arrive. 


Depending on how it looks like with the sales of the available stock on affects the restock possibilities from TQCC in the future.

TQCC has no active plans to restock the blue & green reading journals & AKC is low on stock on both. Please get them before they are sold for good. TQCC will be focusing on some fun new colours for 2024!


Please reach out to me via email: if you have any questions & I appreciate the fact that you all love Sydonie and her items at The Quirky Cup Collective. I am very fortunate to have her trust in being an official Stockist.

However, please also know that I order as much as I can personally afford and manage. I dont limit stock for the fun of it but rather try my absolute best to ask you directly to make sure to bring in what is possible. There is more that goes into making and selling products than meets the eye, and so taking in such a huge amount from other creators is a huge risk.

By supporting collaborations like this and supporting by purchasing directly from truly does help my small business grow. I want to bring in what you want & have the best experience possible.