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Aquamarine Treated Raw

Aquamarine Treated Raw

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Aquamarine is like looking out to a clear lake… it is calming and promotes serenity! It is said to aid in compassion and is even said to be the treasure of mermaids.

Other Information:
*This is a TREATED raw crystal. My supplier took the liberty to treat the pieces with lacker in order to protect them from crumbling. I decreased the price due to this treatment. It does not affect the properties of the crystal.
*Listing is for (1) one Aquamarine TREATED raw stone. The piece will be intuitively picked for you.
*Size is approximately 1-1,5cm. Sizes & coloring will vary.

*We take photos in daylight and with no color adjustments.
*There are variations in shape, size, colour and texture due to the fact that each crystal is unique.