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Opalite Dolphin GuaSha
Opalite Dolphin GuaSha
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Opalite Dolphin GuaSha

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The Dolphin Gua Sha is the most popular of shapes as it has a wing type of form making it easy to grip while working with it. This allows you to really work into the muscles & tissue. The smaller version of the Dolphin is the perfect form for using with your favorite skincare formulas.

Material & Properties:
Opalite: Opalite is a man-made stone created from glass however it still is a mood booster, allowing you to focus on clear thinking, new beginnings & childlike joy!

Other Information:
*This listing is for (1) one Zebra Calcite Dolphin GuaSha.
*The specific piece will be intuitively picked for you.
*Your Gua Sha will come with a small mesh bag for storage.

*Make sure you clean your Gua Sha before & after use.
*Most Gua Shas are protected with polish so even those sensitive to water will not be damaged.

How to Use:
NOTE: I repeat each motion ca. 5 times and then do the same on the opposite side of my face.
Neck: Sweep up the side of the neck from collarbone to jawline. Repeat on both sides.
Throat: Use upper part of Gua Sha to massage the throat.
Jaw: Use the top of the "heart" shape to sweep across the jawline. Always move towards the ear. Repeat on both sides.
Cheeks: Use long side of GuaSha by staring just above the mouth to the side of the nose. Drag upwards towards hairline. Repeat on both sides.
Eyes: Use longest curve of the ‘heart’ to massage the under-eye area. Place flat against the inner corner of the eye & sweep outwards towards the hairline.Repeat on both sides.
Eyebrows : Use smaller curve of the ‘heart’ underneath the eyebrow and the longer curve above the eyebrow by sweeping the same shape of the eyes out towards the hairline. BE GENTLE. Repeat on both sides.
Forehead: Use longest side of the gua sha, pull the tool upwards from just above the eyebrows towards the top of the forehead. Repeat on both sides.