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Tumbled Zodiac Kit: Libra (Vågen)

Tumbled Zodiac Kit: Libra (Vågen)

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Libra / Vågen
: September 22 – October 23
Planet: Venus
Element: Air
Chakra: Heart Chakra

Celebrate the Libra Season with our new zodiac crystal set designed just for your zodiac! Just as the name, Libra loves to attain balance, harmony and peace. They are filled with charm and make seamless connectivity.

The Libra set features 5 crystals hand selected to compliment the traits and energy of your sign. These are placed in a velvet pouch with an alloy token of your sign that can be removed & worn on a bracelet or necklace.

Fill in the blank with your own affirmations or how you feel & manifest to your full potential. Don’t forget to share with us at @akindcrystal on Instagram & use #akindcrystalset to inspire others!

Each Set Includes:

1pc Info card
1pc Tumble Pink Tourmaline
1pc Tumble Clear Quartz
1pc Tumble Bloodstone
1pc Tumble Lapis Lazuli
1pc Tumble Black Tourmaline
1pc Velvet Pouch with Zodiac Token 

SEPTEMBER UPDATE** As I will be removing Lapis Lazuli from my assortment, this tumble can be removed from this kit & replaced with a Moss Agate. Moss Agate is a crystal for tranquillity and emotional balance. Send a message to me through Instagram @akindcrystal or through email info@akindcrystal.

These are great to carry with you, meditate with or use for intention setting. Place in your sacred space or in crystal grids, these crystals will help you vibe to your own full potential!

*We take photos in daylight and with no color adjustments.
*There are variations in shape, size, colour and texture due to the fact that each crystal is unique.