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Pen Refill Black: Pack of 3- The Quirky Cup Collective

Pen Refill Black: Pack of 3- The Quirky Cup Collective

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Created by The Quirky Cup Collective  

Normal pens? You use them and then you throw them away or lose them to the dark ether of your desk draw or that spooky gap behind your computer screen, never to be used again. 

Quirky Pens? The cartridges are replaceable! That means you don't have to throw your stunning pen away; you can just replace the ink :). 

I told you my pens were superior. 


- 3 x Black Ink cartridges
- 0.5mm Tip
- Gel Rollerball
- Black Ink
- Specifically created to fit our Quirky Pens

How to replace the ink cartridge 

1. Hold the gold tip of the pen (the nib end) and twist to open the pen casing. 
2. Remove your old cartridge and dispose.
3. Pop in your new cartridge 
4. Screw the top back on!
5. Ta daaaaa! 

Ps. If that spring pops out, make sure it goes back into the bottom of the barrel (tail end) before you pop your new cartridge in. 

What the f*ck is a Gel pen!? Do you want to learn more!? Read my fun and hilarious blog post here. I guarantee at least one giggle. I pinky swear. 

A reminder to be mindful when disposing of any packaging. Please recycle accordingly :).