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Monthly Crystal Challenge 2021

The monthly challenge is a way in which we will work with a specific crystal per week through sharing, prompts, & other fun ways to incorporate the crystals into our sacred space & practice.

To participate, click through to the KindTribe tab on OR participate through the highlight ACTION on instagram @Akindcrystal.

We will ease into January, we will be working with the following:
☆Week 2: Howlite
Word of the week: Knowledge

☆Week 3: Tigers Eye
Word of the week: Focus

☆Week 4: Carnelian
Word of the week: Courage

As an added bonus, the crystal will be on special offer in the shop to help build your collection intentionally.

And Psssst... There will also be a monthly winner who can win the crystals in the challenge just by sharing how you work with your crystals.
Don't forget to tag @akindcrystal & #AKINDCRYSTAL to participate!